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Lure Prompts
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Lure Prompts is for posting fic prompts and the resulting fic for the pairing of Luke/Reid from As the World Turns. The prompts may be drabbles, quotes (from the show, or not), pictures, one-word or one-line prompts - anything that can inspire fic.

Members may post their prompts at any time, and writers are encouraged to post their fic inspired by the prompt here, with an acknowledgement of what the prompt was.

All fic posts should use the header found below. Please copy and paste it exactly as it is. Where it says Prompt please link back to the post with the prompt you're writing. Please also keep your Author's Notes brief or put them under an LJ cut. We don't need a long summary, linking back to the original prompt should cover that.

When cross-posting your fic please include a link back to this community to encourage more readers.

You can post your fic in the comm itself, or just the link to the fic in your own journal.

There are no deadlines. Fic can be posted at any time and multiple writers are encouraged to take on the same prompt.

Off-topic posts will be deleted.

A few guidelines:

* All word counts are welcome, including drabbles.

* Creative "interpretations" are welcomed, i.e. graphics-based fics.

* Please use a beta, or at least proofread your fic.

* Remember to put long posts/large pictures behind a cut.



* Please include all necessary warnings in your Author's Notes. You MUST warn for major and minor character death, Reid/other and Luke/other, violence, etc.

* Please tag your posts appropriately. Prompt for prompts, fic for fics, and an author tag. No other tags please.

* In keeping with the inclusive nature of this community, please, no character hate.

* If you're unsure of the rules, or you have any questions, please PM _alicesprings.

* Play nice with each other. If you act like an ass, you will be removed.


Genius cap by comeoctober